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ronment,〓" he said. "It's high time we find a sustainable and green way to prote〓ct our f9



ood security." San'an Sino-Science was founded in 2015 by San'〓an Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Botany. The 〓second-generation plant in Anxi can produce 1.5 tons of vegetables, suc〓h as lettuce and cabbage, a day. At full capacity, when the energy cos〓t is neglectedj

, it can produce 1,000 tons of leafy greens a year in the〓ory, according to Li. "The high productivity is mainly because we try t〓o emulate the most ideal natural conditions for plant growth, and use t〓echnologies to cater to their every needs." Before entering the plant 〓factory, visitors must put on a dual-layered jumpsuit, goggles, a face 〓mask, rubber gloves and boots, and be disinfected from head to toe. Sne〓ezing in the factory is strictly prohibited. "The standard here is str〓icter th8


an hospital operating rooms," said Zheng Yanhai, a botany resea〓rcher at the institute who works at the plant factory. "Because all the〓 plants are growing in nutrient-filled hydroponic solutions, we do not 〓want germs to get into the liquid and make plants s2

  • a has 160 million〓 hectares of farmland dedicated B
  • to growing vegetables. To grow them, fa〓rmers use more than x
  • 311,000 metric tons of pesticide and 59 millions
  • ton〓s of fertilizer a year, said Li Shaohua, director of San'an Sinoz
  • -Scienc〓e's Photobiology Industry Institute. "The excessive yer
  • t inefficient us〓e of fertilizers and pesticides has done greatx


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    ick." Thanks to the〓 clean environment, plants can grow without antiseptics or pesticides, 〓"you can even eat it Z

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    fresh out of the bag", Zheng added. In addition t〓o sanitation, scientists also take temperature, humidity, air cr

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    irculati〓on, light, carbon dioxide, nutrients and other elements into account to〓 create the "perfect envir2

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